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2 Hour Sessions

The 2 Hour Party  Package is the most popular choice.  You get every thing in the 1 hour party package but when the children return from their food and drink they also receive the following:

The Dragon's Hunger: A repeat of the silly fun game from before. Perfect for your children to run off all their dinner.

Prepare for Battle: The kids are taught the 7 basic moves of attack and defence with foam swords. Perfectly safe and guaranteed to make your children feel like Knights and Warrior Princesses!

The Knight's Banner: Every hero needs a flag before entering battle so it's time to get the children's creativity flowing as they make and create their own heroic flag.

The Jousting Tournament: The Children break into teams and riding Hobby horses they charge into battle wielding their their swords trying to win a relay race   

The Knighting Ceremony: It's the end of the session and all the children have passed the tests of the day and are rewarded with a special ceremony making them official Knights and Warrior Princesses!