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~ Dragon Slayer Parties ~

Dragon Slayer Parties take children aged between 5-12 on a magical journey that will make them the envy of all their friends!  

One Hour Sessions Include:

The Dragon's Hunger: The beast is hungry and he needs feeding. a fun and silly game which is great exercise and will make your children laugh for hours and hours!

The Knight's Apprentice: Another fun game which will have all the kids wanting to become a legend but it's designed for your child to become the hero of the hour by smiting the beast.

Story time: A 20 minute magical tale of a brave warrior fighting a Dragon. Guaranteed to make children's imaginations take flight!

The Belly of the Beast: A chance for your children to fulfil one of their fantasies by touching the scales of a dragon, a claw as well as holding a baby dragon's egg!

The Dragon's Breath: For those brave enough, it's time for them to smell the breath of 3 dragons:  a red, green and black dragon. A perfect way to end the session and something they'll be able to tell their friends for many years to come!

1 Hour Party Sessions